story about me!

professional DIY & self-taught engineer

Entrepreneurial maker at heart and professional by day. I'm dedicated to lifelong learning that empowers me to be challenged & create new and exciting things! Living with a DIY philosophy and never forgetting that limitations are only set by ones effort and resourcefulness, every day I live with the imagination of a child that anything is possible. I'm grounded by strong financial and analytical skills with strong professional business acumen. Embracing change, innovation, non-linear & non-traditional thinking trying to move the world forward.

  • 3D Printing
  • Electrical & Mechanical Design
  • Business
  • Open Source Development
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Volleyball
  • Engineering
  • Radio Controlled things that fly

what i do?

Enterprise Computing

I have a 42U rack in my garage.

Fly things

I design, build, fly, crash and then repair remote control planes, helicopters and multi-rotor UAV's.


I work with some of the largest companies in Atlantic Canada in my professional career day job.

3D CAD Dsign

I design 3D CAD models to aid in developing new and exciting things.

Forward Thinking

Adopting and embracing the latest technologies and always looking at how they may change our world and our lives.

3D Printing

Staying current with the latest 3D Printing technology. Constantly looking at design changes and implimenting the latest improvments in my self built Delta 3D Printer.

i am available to chat!

I'd love to talk about anything related to technology and where it's going.

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